FHS Wrestlers Anticipate New Season

As the Team Grows, So Do Expectations


Staff photo

Senior wrestler Mason Reid recently pins an opponent.

Jakob Pitra, Contributor

The Frisco High School Wrestling program underwent many changes this past summer with Coach Pope leaving Texas and Coach Jon Reid taking the reins. The wrestling team continues to focus on strategies that can maintain a strong and growing program.

Mason Reid is a senior captain on the wrestling team. He came to FHS his sophomore year. Joining the wrestling team was one of his first moves. Mason has high hopes for the team and the program as his senior year unfolds.

“We have a lot more students in the program,” said Mason. “The work ethic is better than ever and the whole program continues to improve.” As more students continue to join, Mason is pleased with the work ethic displayed by the underclassmen and the new wrestlers. “I’d like to see everyone make Regionals,” he said, “and I’d like to be a State placer this year instead of a qualifier.” Last season Mason was one of the three FHS wrestlers to qualify to the State tournament. This season, Coach Reid has implemented some new training tactics that Mason believes will be a positive influence on the team. 

“These past few years I’ve been here,” said Mason, “wrestling has not been one of the sports that gets much attendance.”  Mason feels that may change as more students join the team and as the team becomes more competitive. “I feel like with our new head coach and new team that were going to attract more people and an audience along with it.” As a result, Mason hopes that the wrestling team will become more intertwined with the school as a whole. 

Mason encourages other students to try out the sport of wrestling. “Not only will wrestling humble you,” he said, ‘but it will keep you involved with school and help you be apart of something great.”