Stars Shine Bright at Frisco High School

A Busy Schedule Keeps the Stars on Their Toes


Samantha Quevedo, Contributor

The Frisco Stars are the pride and joy of Frisco High School. It is a job that requires passion, practice, and dedication. Nicolette Grundhoefer and Blair Davis are two of the freshman on The Stars. Nicolette has a long history of dance and dreamed of someday becoming a Frisco Star. “It really didn’t hit me until I was about to actually go and audition,” she recalled. The Stars are a very visible part of the football season as they perform during half-time. They also remain busy participating in competitions throughout the school year. 

The Stars are known for their classic kick line move which takes weeks of practice to perfect. The length of time spent on rehearsing depends on the dance and the event. “It really depends on which routine it is,” Blair Davis explained.  “For pep rallies, we take a bit longer and work on the routine during class and in the mornings and after school. For field routines, they usually rehearse in class. It is not unusual to see them rehearsing with the band during football season.

Dancing for the Stars does not leave much time for extra-curricular activities. Nicolette’s previous dance experience prepared her for the Stars. “I had a lot of dance so that taught me to manage my time,” she said. “Having less dance this year, made up for the extra school work that I have.”

The Stars are very visible this football season at pep rallies and at the games. “My favorite performance so far,” said Blair, “was the very first pep rally and the hip-hop routine. It was so fun to learn and so fun to perform.”

The Stars halftime shows at the varsity football games are a crowd favorite.  “The half-time shows are really fun,” said Nicolette. “It causes a lot of nerves but it’s really fun.” Blair agreed. “It’s really fun,” she said. “The first game was nerve-wracking but really cool to be out there having people cheering for you.” The Stars can be seen at the football games for the remainder of the season and will be busy with competitions later in the school year.