Stress For Success

Stress and Student Performance

Darien makes notes in class.

Darien makes notes in class.

Ingrid Sorin, Got Stress?

As high school students, many things can feel as though they all come piling down at once. Stress comes from all directions. Whether it is AP/PAP classes, extra curricular activities like sports or theater,  or evenings filled with homework it can seem like a lot to a high school student. The good news is that there are effective ways to deal with high school stress.

Darien Poshen, is a sophomore at Frisco High School who admits that she get stressed about school. “The massive amounts of assigned homework,” she said. “can really add to the pressure.” However, Darien has come up with effective ways to handle stress herself. She has learned to set limits on the amount of time she spends on homework. “It is an opportunity to become more organized and to get better at time management,โ€ Darien says.

Listening to music has also been an effective way for Darien to reduce stress. Music helps to get her mind off of the immediate problem and take a short break. Keeping burdens to yourself can make the problem worse over time. Darien urges students to reach out when they feel stressed. Sharing concerns can be a great relief. “I advise students who are struggling with stress,” said Darien, “to talk with a counselor or teacher.” 

Frisco High School freshman Wilson Mayberry also thinks that the stress can be too much. “The amount of daily assignments is ridiculous,โ€ he said. “I simply don’t have time to do all the work that is assigned.” Wilson has also discovered effective ways to deal with his stress. “I try to get everything done as quickly as possible,โ€ he said, “because I need some down time afterwards to relax.” Wilson believes that it is important to take breaks from homework. 

It is normal for high school students to feel stressed when they are doing their job. Stress is going to be a part of anything that requires hard work. It is important to find effective ways to cope with the pressure to stay on top of school work at the same time. It is healthy to take a step back to ask for help from teachers, counselors and even other students.  Finding the best ways to help can be used through high school and beyond.