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2017-2018 Staff

Maria Lawson


Maria is in her fourth year as a part of the Frisco High School broadcast department, and has experience writing and editing content for the Raccoon Rambler, as well as producing segments for RACC-TV. Maria is also involved in...

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Assistant to the Assistant to the Media Editor in Chief

Cody is an involved Frisco High School senior. He is a one year veteran of the golf team and is making large contributions where others are not.  He loves fishing, balling, and games of golf with friends, as well as filming...

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Mitchell Houghtlin


Mitchell is a 2-year Journalism veteran, typically hosting segments for RACC-TV. He is also the kicker for the Varsity Football team as well as a part of National Honor Society. Mitchell is a big Baylor fan and deeply follows...

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Hagen Gardiner

Assistant to the Media Editor in Chief

Hagen is a second-year broadcast student. He was promoted to the title of Assistant to the Media Editor in Chief after his first year in Broadcast. Hagen has been apart of the FHS football team for the past four years, been the...

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Moriah Moore


Moriah is a third-year broadcast journalist that contributes to the Raccoon Rambler and is a full-time student athlete. She is involved in varsity softball and is an FCA leader. With having strong speaking skills and passion in ...

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Connor Smith

Photo of the Day Editor

Connor Smith is a sophomore and Photo of the Day Editor to the Raccoon Rambler and Broadcast II student. He primarily selects and publishes the Photo of the Day. Connor is also involved in RACC-TV, and is part of the Weekend Weather...

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Lee Whitney


Lee is a producer of his own pep rally series and a 3-time pep rally announcer.  He had some experience with video editing before his debut in August 2017. 6 years ago, he started his own YouTube channel virtually about anything...

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Emran Khromachou


Emran is a student that is a 2-year on goer of digital and creative media and is referred to as "Supreme" due to his iconic headband. Emran is also a filmer/ helper for Jack Mayo to help produce content for the school. People...

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Taylor Garrow


Taylor Garrow is a sophomore at Frisco High School. He has been taking journalism for two years. He has contributed to the Raccoon Rambler and to RACC-TV.

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Jack Mayo

Media Editor in Chief

Jack is a four year veteran of digital and creative media, producing and coordinating web shows and short films. Jack has experience working for names such as ABC News, Hillsong UNITED, DudePerfect, and much more. He strives for...

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Casey Kirk


Casey Kirk is a new contributor for the FHS Raccoon Rambler and Broadcast II team. He is in charge of developing articles for the school newspaper and has been involved in a couple of projects as well. He is included in the Band...

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Kendall Klemm

Contributor (Kendall's Corner)

Kendall Klemm is a significant contributor to the Raccoon Rambler. If you've ever seen or heard of "Kendall's Corner," he is the young genius that runs it. His viewpoints are as credible and believable. He has been in the FHS...

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Madelyn Hicks

Editor in Chief

Madelyn is a 4 year veteran in digital and journalistic media. She contributes broad ideas with focused details. Taking hold of this website, designing it, and producing and editing content, Madelyn hopes to maintain a career...

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